About us

The Good Neighbours Network started in Hampshire some 40 years ago, with groups formed to support those who had nobody else able to help them.

There are now 120 groups in that county and the concept is spreading. The system in not complicated, and works precisely because local people know their own community best.

The Barcombe Scheme launched in March 2018. The wide-ranging and practical help we offer is not provided by an impersonal distant business, but by people based in the parish. If you would like to volunteer or know somebody who might benefit from the scheme,  then please do get in touch!

To highlight our service, here’s an extract from a ‘thank you’ note penned by a Barcombe resident:

“I am writing to thank and congratulate Good Neighbours. During my husband’s stay in hospital Good Neighbours has provided support for myself. They have given me lifts to the hospital along with cheerful company and kindness. Those who have helped know who they are! I can’t praise this organisation enough. 

It is a wonderful example of what people can do to help in troubled times.

Please, please support this wonderful organisation in any way you can and don’t be afraid to ask for their help. They will do their best to help; by supporting this organisation it will continue to grow and be even more successful.”